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Luxefon Gallery

Luxefon by Dale Greer: semi-custom luxury designer telephones for the home.

Sensuous, opulent, beautiful as no phone has been before, sculpture you can hold, jewelry for your home.

Luxefon by Dale Greer

Contact: info@luxefon.com


DMGreer, LLC



I have created Luxefon Luxury Telephones to bring the telephone out of the doldrums of industrial design and into the realm of true art and sculpture. I choose to do this with residential phones rather than mobile phones, because there is so much more material to work with, from an artistic standpoint.

In creating the shape of a phone, I always start with my hands, using polymer clay. It's necessary to begin this way, rather than to begin on a computer, because the feel of the phone in the hand is most important. I build up a shape, harden it in the oven, then carve on it until it's close to what I want. Then I repeat the process, until the feel of it is perfected, and the curves of the shape break the light in just the right way.

So a Luxefon by Dale Greer is a delight to touch as well as a delight to see. To be fully appreciated, a Luxefon must not only be seen in every light, and viewed at every angle, but also it must be caressed and handled to receive the sensuousness of the shape.

The finished shape is digitized, manipulated some for engineering purposes, and then the body of a Luxefon is carved from a single block of carfeully chosen wood by a computer controlled machine to ensure exact replication of the designed shape, and an almost completely smooth surface. After the wood is stabilized by vacuum drying, the surface is meticulously finished by hand, the gemstones are set, the cast gold numerals are placed, and the electronics are inserted.

Luxefon phones are cordless, with internals based on state of the art modular components operating at 1.88-1.93GHz , except in the US where they operate at 2.4GHz. Luxefon electronics are warranted for the life of the phone.

Luxefon telephones are priced at a minimum of US$5000. The upper limit of Luxefon pricing is unbounded. A Luxefon can be customized to be as expensive as you want it to be.

Will Luxefon by Dale Greer change the way people look at telephones? Only time will tell if, having been considered simply an electronic device for so long, the telephone will now be seen as a unique opportunity in sculptural expression. In Luxefon, that vision is here today.

Dale Greer, 2004 June 12



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